Application Features

  • Complete_end_to_end_EAN_XML_API_Integration

    Complete End to End EAN XML API Integration

    If you are looking for the complete White label APIs integration of Expedia (EAN), then you are at the right place. With this application, you can convert your website into a brand where end user will never see Expedia anywhere till payments. Here user gets Auto suggestions for data based on Location, Airports, Landmarks and Hotels. User gets Filtering and Sorting options based on Recommended Hotels, Hotel Price, Star rating and Trip Advisor ratings along with List view and Map View. Complete user management with Bookings and Cancellation.

  • Auto_suggestion_for_easy_search
    Auto Suggestion for Easy Search

    Guide your customer with proper and exact locations for search the hotels in terms of cities, Airports, Landmarks and direct Hotels. Here we periodically update our local database from EAN database resources to make it up to date.

  • Payment_processing_within_website
    Payment Processing Within a Website (No Redirection)

    Here user will never redirect towards Expedia site or template for the payment processing. Its only managed within our website. Here we get the users Credit Cards details and forward towards Expedia via APIs for the processing and booking. Expedia confirm the status and we guide the end user accordingly on site and via mail. Here we only store last four digits of users Credit Card Number in our local database for inventory purpose.

  • Custom_confirmation_email
    Custom Confirmation Email

    User can get Booking confirmation mail either from EAN or you can send your own custom Booking Confirmation mail from your server. Here you have full rights of customize mail templates.

  • Multi_currency_support
    Multi Currency Support

    EAN support around 45 Currencies worldwide. And here you can manage set of currencies for your application with selection of
    Default Currency. You can also manage Currency Conversion Rates for your internal template prices.

    List of EAN supported currency can review at

    A majority of the region/location combinations below support this core set of currencies:

  • Multi_language_support
    Multi Language Support

    EAN supports around 32 Languages worldwide. And here you can manage all your template contents very easily from backend manager panel. You can find the list of languages that Expedia Affiliate Network supports

  • Bootstrap_esponsive_layouts
    Bootstrap Responsive Layouts

    As Smartphone and Tablet adoption rapidly increases, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites. If SEO is a core component of your digital marketing strategy, having a mobile–friendly website is becoming essential.

    Bootstrap is a Framework to design responsive Web Design that allows a website to flex and adapt to the size of screen it’s being viewed on. No more loading a huge website and having to zoom in and out to find the content you’re looking for.

    Overall its important from user perspectives for Better, faster, smarter user experience.

  • Dynamic_meta_information_for_hotel_landing_page
    Dynamic Meta Information for Hotel Landing Page

    Application has backend manage functionality to set the Algo for the dynamic pages created for all the hotels. Although here you can change the surrounding texts anytime.

    E.g. Algo for Hotel information Page : {HotelName} located in {Location}, which changes the Meta Title to Lemon Tree Hotel located in Ahmedabad, India

  • All _destinations_CMS
    All Destinations CMS

    Apart from the regular Search results and manages bookings via APIs; your websites must have local database pages for the SEO
    purpose. Here we have built in CMS where you can manage worldwide Continent, Country, City and Hotel Page contents and Meta information.

    Here Hotels Data directly linked up with the EAN Active Property List database and importing periodically. Here you can generate XML sitemap as well for around 2, 50,000 hotels.

  • Booking_Cancellation_Print_Email_reservation
    Booking Cancellation/Print/Email Reservation

    At the time of Booking Reservation, The credit card information provided in the request will be used for a direct prepayment of the reservation. The customer’s reservation is paid in full (save any extras like room service) as soon as a successful response is received, even if booking months in advance.

    User can Print, Email or Download Reservation and Payment receipts anytime from the Booking History area of their individual users account.

    To cancel an entire multi-room booking, each room on the itinerary must be cancelled individually.

  • Google_analytics_integration
    Google Analytics Integration

    Google Analytics is one of the top, most powerful tools out there for monitoring and analyzing traffic on your website. It gives you an enormous amount of information about who is visiting your site, what they are looking for, and how they are getting to your site. Any business that wants to expand and grow their business on the internet should definitely be using Google Analytics.

    Here we give you backend manager area to setup your Google Analytics Code to make it applicable on all your front end pages.

  • Users_management
    Users Management

    Although here we allow users to book as a guest, but if user gets registered on your application can give you much freedom to use these clienteles for the Newsletters, Promotional offers etc.months in advance.

    From user’s perspective, they get their own my account Panel to manage their Profile, Bookings and other necessary information.

  • Login_via_FB_or_Google_plus
    Login via FB or Google+

    As per the current trends on the internet, user doesn’t want to remember multiple accounts credentials. So as a part of alternative Social media Sign in works perfectly, where user get sign in on your application via their FB or Google+ accounts. Here we get the necessary information from his/her social media account to manage user session on our that wants to expand and grow their business on the internet should definitely be using Google Analytics.

  • Expedia_approved_template_for_guaranteed
    Expedia Approved Template for Guaranteed

    Selecting the right skills for the job is one of the most important parts of any project.

    We offer a rich and capable pool of development resources that possess key skills, industry knowledge and experience of working with our technology. Partners can draw upon these resources for a wide variety of needs from creative integration and web solutions to expediting individual product launches.

    We offer all the support and warranty to get the EAN approval and Go live with you application.

  • Native_iOS_and_android_apps
    Native iOS and Android Apps

    As a part of value added services, we can offer Native iOS and Android Application as well for your application for same EAN Hotels Booking Engine.

    You can contact us directly for the Demo of respective mobile apps at here:

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